Security systems for your business

One of the most important steps that you can take to secure your business, is to seek a professional to install a modern security system. This system with its array of electronic components should be designed to sense, decide, and act. The security system senses events such as motion in a room, decides if the event poses a threat, and then acts on that decision. While a security system for your business isn’t a do-it-yourself affair, you should understand the language of security in order to communicate your needs to a security professional, understand any proposals you may receive, and make the most of your security system after it is installed. The professionals at National Security Systems will walk you through the process from inception to installation to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and to keep your employees and property safe and secure.


Interactive Systems has revolutionized home security, addressing the weaknesses of traditional home security systems along with the addition of lighting control and energy automation solutions.’s smarter security delivers tamper-resistant protection, full mobile control and real-time alerts for activity at home. So you stay in control and aware of what’s happening — from anywhere.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire-Lite AlarmsNational Security Systems installs only world-class fire alarms by Fire-Lite Alarm, an American company established in the 1940s and is part of the Honeywell Life Safety Group. Fire-Lite has been a leader in the fire alarm industry and is known for “innovation that endures”.

They offer a range of solutions from conventional devices to wireless integrated fire technology which are easy to program and operate.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras can be a great deterrent to potential thieves burglarizing a home or business, and can also help identify criminals.